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    Women's Flip Flops

    Havaianas women's flip flops have stood for style, comfort, affordable luxury, and positive energy for 50 years. We blend the best of both comfort and style to create flip flops for women that are recognized for their bright colors and cheerful, fun patterns.

    From our first pair, inspired by Japanese sandals with rice-straw soles, we've worked hard to create a signature style that always catches the eye.

    We've even created feature styles, such as our slim line of women's flip flops for the ladies whose feet run just a bit more petite, and our Bridal Collection of women's flip flops in delicate pastels and jeweled straps. Whether we're offering fun option like glow-in-the-dark flip flops, metallic embellishments or the chance to customize your own pair of women's flip flops, you're sure to feel at home in any pair you choose. If you are looking to add a little lift to your day, be sure to explore the very fashionable Wedge Flip Flops we carry.

    Havaianas are always in season. Shop our Best Selling Women's Flip Flops and find the perfect pair today.