Social Responsibility

Havaianas stands for style, comfort, affordable luxury, and positive energy. As a part of this positive energy, Havaianas, along with its parent company, Alpargatas, believe in social and environmental responsibility. We participate in many programs and contribute to organizations ensuring that we do our part to support society and our planet.


IPE - The Institute for Ecological Research

The Institute for Ecological Research (IPE) is a non-government organization in Brazil devoted to the conversation of socio-economic benefits through science, education and sustainable business. With Havaianas donating over $1 million dollars to the cause, IPE is able to promote habitat restoration, landscape conservation, education and community involvement. The sustainable initiatives include argo-forestry, organic coffee, tree nurseries and handicrafts using locally grown species.

Conservation International

Conservation International (CI) is a private organization dedicated to the conservation and sustainability in endangered ecosystems around the world. By purchasing Havaianas CI sandals, you are helping to protect the threatened Brazil marine ecosystem. Part of the product's net sales will be used to help finance marine conservation projects on the coast of Brazil. The partnership project also supports inventories, monitoring and other studies on Brazilian marine ecosystems, focusing in the Abrolhos Seascape. Buy this style.

Alpargatas Institute

Alpargatas Institute has helped over 250,000 students gain knowledge, experience, and confidence for a better future. School Action is an innovative subsidiary of Alpargatas Institute that focuses on promoting the value of Physical Education in public schools. The program incorporates several sports and recreational activities to keep children and teens off the streets. So far it has already either renovated or built 24 sports facilities.


Alpargatas is the parent company of Havaianas. All Havaianas products are made in a factory located in Campina Grande, the second largest city in the State of Paraiba, and the factory is one of the city's largest employers.

Alpargatas employs over 12,000 employees worldwide in operating countries. Alpargatas' first priority is developing and implementing programs of work safety, occupational health and environmental sustainability.

Our sustainable actions include:

  • Activities to reduce electricity and water consumption
  • Sensible development of materials to be used in our products
  • Launch of ecological product lines
  • Rubber and PVC residue recycling
  • Environmental Education for employees
  • Compression of non-recyclable residue
  • Careful transportation and destination selection of residue